Enter the universe of digital sports awards

MedalVerse makes it possible to create rewards in the form of NFTs for sports and esports, and distribute them to winners. The awards now have native access to the digital universe, in order to be shared and displayed on all new digital media.

your trophies

Behind a trophy often hides many emotions : the joy of a victory, the pride of an accomplishment, the satisfaction of surpassing yourself. Sharing these emotions would be awesome, right ? This is why MedalVerse allows you to create galleries to display your trophies, and share them!

Trophy Factory

Medalverse allows you to easily create NFT awards for all kind of sports and e-sports competitions. Professional or amateur, each competition deserves an original award.

Medalverse makes it easy to distribute awards to athletes. At the end of a competition, on a podium or remotely, we have an option fitting your event.

does it work ?

This is how Medalverse supports you in the making of your awards

Step 1

Pick a model in the marketplace or import an existing one

Step 2

Use the configurator to select trophy’s settings

Step 3

Define the trophy delivery fitting your competition

Step 4

Distribute the trophy to the athlete

Fan place

The Fan Place is where athlete, teams and fans gather, interact and share.




your own gallery

Beyond trophies, unique souvenirs !


Create your gallery and display your trophies. Customize the experience you will share with your community, family and friends.


Discover an immersive experience and explore the galleries of your favorite athletes, teams or friends


Create unique souvenirs based on your awards and biggest achievements. Showcase or share them with your community


Collect NFTs from your favorites athletes and teams’ trophies


Our long-term objectives

Q4 2021
✅ Done
Project genesis

The beginning

Q1 2022
✅ Done
  • Feasibility study 
  • Proof of Concept
  • Financial study 
  • Whitepaper 
  • Hiring of the team
Q2 2022
In progress
  • MVP Development 
  • Smart Contracts Development 
  • Technical partnerships 
  • Integration of test partners 
  • Website launch
  • Integration of the first ambassadors 
  • Fundraising
Q3 2022
  • Seed 
  • Trophy factory: User interface 
  • Trophy Marketplace:  Additional smart contracts 
  • Audit of Smart contracts 
  • Marketing and communication 
  • Partnerships with organizers 
  • Structuring the team
Q4 2022
  • Private sale 
  • Fan place: 
    • Development of galleries
    • Marketplace
    • Creation tool for spin-off products
  • Integration into the metaverse 
  • Marketing and communication 
  • Partnerships with athletes and clubs
In 2023
  • Public sale
  • Listing
  • Compete 2 Earn development
  • Partnerships


Discover our team

Vincent Ricard

CEO, Founder

Olympian, Engineer

Philippe Ruault

Business Developer

Benoist Pincon

Full-Stack Developer

Jason Da Silva

Smart Contract Developer

Anthony Mony

Community Manager

Hadrien Proust

Business Developer

Etienne Fraisse

Graphic Designer

Hachim Samadane

Web Designer


Chantal Läng

Blockchain Advisor

Alain Broustail

Author & NFT consultant in sports

Pierre-Emmanuel Chaut

Blockchain Technical Advisor

Daniel Villa Monteiro

Blockchain Technical Advisor

Cyril Castagnet

Technical Advisor


Lauren Rembi

European Fencing Champion 2017

Olympic semi-finalist

Dorian Hauterville

European Bobsleigh Medalist


Julien Meyer

Professionnal handball player

Junior world champion

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